Aquatics classes are great for all fitness levels.  They offer a low impact resistance workout in our heated pool.

During exercise class – ten or more in class, lap lane/pool is closed.

Family Swim: Pool is reserved for families and leisure use. Lap lane divider is up for lap swimmers to continue to use pool. If ten or more for family swim – divider is removed and families have entire pool.

Parent Tot Class: This class is wonderful for parents & babes; warm water, quiet environment, and is a great introduction to water. Babies get a physical work-out, which develops muscle coordination. Class includes toys, singing, and moving through the water. Parent is always holding the child. Age: 6M-24M.

Aqua Fit: Get an aerobic work-out and tone muscles in a non-impact environment. Devices are used to add resistance and intensity. Let’s move!

Cardio Plunge: Bring your goggles and love of water for 60 minutes of intense fun! Take your water exercise above and below water with powerful cardio moves that will leave you breathless.

Hydro Cardio: Cardio water work-out with hydro dynamic moves. Plyometrics in water.

Lap Swim: Reserved for lap swimming only. Lap swimmers on a first come, first serve basis. If lap swimmers are not using the pool, others may use pool until swimmers arrive. Please share lap lanes if swimmers are waiting (clock-wise around blue lap lane).