Sola Jet Drywave Massage

SolaJet resulted from extensive massage research. The goal was to create the very best massage experience. Mechanical devices − too rigid and potentially damaging; hands-on massage − too costly and inconsistent; hydrotherapy − perfect for delivering heat and massage and non-irritating to bone, muscle and connective tissue as water CONFORMS to the body. However, it is too inconvenient, requires high maintenance and not enough deep tissue therapy.

The answer: Use the natural benefit and therapy of water but do it in a self contained environment, reduce the amount of water used and increase the pressure or therapy and make it affordable. We think you will agree, no other form of massage offers the therapy, convenience, relaxation or economy as the SolaJet.

The enhancement of circulation provided by therapeutic massage can have a dramatic impact on improving tissue health, oxygenation of blood cells, flushing of toxins and the reduction of pain. A significant complement to massage is heat therapy, which provides an analgesic effect by increasing blood flow to a local area. Increased blood supply helps reduce soreness while relieving pain. Numerous scientific studies suggest that massage can have many vital benefits which have been shown to:

  • Low back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Immunity suppression
  • Depression and more

Member Monthly Unlimited Sessions (1 session per day)

$29 couple
$19 per person

Single Session

$19 / session

Non Member Monthly Unlimited Sessions (1 session per day)

$69 Couple
$49 Single

Single Session

$49 / session